AGE: 23   HEIGHT: 5’9


Nicole Guerrero is a 23 year old from San Jose, California. She graduated from San Jose State University with a Business Marketing Degree and is the Global Marketing Coordinator for OPI Products Inc. Nicole is an active volleyball player, art enthusiast, baking fanatic, comic book lover, fashion guru, fitness addict, and world traveler. In her spare time she also enjoys volunteering at the animal shelter and has devoted over 300 hours working with kids at her former elementary school and youth center. If crowned Miss Philippines USA, Nicole wants to be an advocate for single parent families, after school youth programs, and suicide prevention. Being raised by a single mother herself and spending a lot of time in after school programs she wants to encourage the next generation to fight for what they believe in and to follow their dreams by being brave, ambitious, and to believe in themselves. Her role model Jeannie Mai once told her, “There will always be somebody who doesn’t see your worth… Don’t let it be you.”