AGE: 25   HEIGHT: 5’3


 Jessca desires to champion Filipinos rise to the top through her legal and education involvements. She is a well-rounded, multi-faceted individual whose dual experience of Philippines and the US propelled her to actively empower Filipinos through legal justice as she remained fully grounded to her Filipino roots.

Jessca recently graduated from University of California, Berkeley. During her college years she: helped victims of domestic violence file restraining orders, served at the Superior Court of California, and under the Justice and Diversity Center of SF translated for Filipinos going through trials and hearings. She is a founding member of Youth Society for Education, a non profit that provides school supplies for orphans in Burma. Jessca traveled to United Kingdom and studied at London School of Economics to fully immerse herself in Diplomacy and International Relations. Jessca is a recipient of several scholarships and awards one of which is by American Association of University Women, one of the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women. While she is serving her community, attending college, she also worked 3 jobs to financially support herself. Jessca is now leveraging her expertise in Business Development as she work for a Cyber Security Consulting firm in San Francisco.

Outside of her public service and corporate practice, Jessca teaches interpretive dancing for theatrical plays, she writes about authenticity and shame, and is a frequent motivational speaker at community colleges. On her efforts to continually challenge herself, she is ready to take on the role of Miss Philippines USA and represent/support her Fil-Am community!