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Miss Philippines USA Crowns the New 2015 Queen on July 12th

On Sunday July 12, 2015, Miss Philippines USA held its coronation night at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. The prestigious pageant was sold out, with many friends, family, and fans cheering on their contestants. The beautiful opening number dress designed by Pageant Producer and Fil-Am designer – Lou Razon lit up the stage as the curtains raised revealing 30 gorgeous contestants. Our amazing hosts, Cher Calvin and Tony Cabrera showcased their charisma and wit throughout the night to over 1400 guests. As the night continued, top 3 finalists for Miss Young Philippines USA and top 11 finalists Miss Philippines USA were named.

After much deliberation by our judges, Miss Young and Miss Philippines USA 2015 was named. Lexus Lagumbay, took the crown after her perseverance and determination to re-enter the pageant for the second time. From San Francisco, 14 year old Lexus Lagumbay’s hard work definitely paid off as she walked the stage for the first time as Miss Young Philippines USA 2015. 1st runner up was awarded to Dione Janique Fusch, 2nd runner up and People’s Choice were awarded to Michelle Manie’r.

Chrystelle Volckmann, a promising 18 year old woman from Missouri took the crown home as Miss Philippines USA 2015. Chrystelle suffered from a fatal car accident as a child and believes in living a positive life and spreading positivity to others. Miss Philippines USA Ambassador was awarded to beautiful and bright 18 year old Arin Bailey De Los Reyes. People’s Choice was awarded to Amelia Flugentes, a 22 year old Judo figher, training for the up and coming world Olympics. 1st runner up was awarded to Rachelle Castillo and 2nd runner up was awarded to Trisha Bantigue.

Congratulations to Miss Philippines USA 2015 court!

Here are the Finalists and awardees:
Miss Young-
Finalist #1: Lexus Lagumbay
Finalist #2: Michelle Manie’r
Finalist #3: Dione Janique Fusch

Finalist #1: Chrystelle Joyce Volckmann
Finalist #2: Arin Bailey De Los Reyes
Finalist #3: Tifanny Meihls
Finalist #4: Nikki Zulueta
Finalist #5: Jessica Sarawasee
Finalist #6: Trisha Bantigue
Finalist #7: Rachelle Castillo
Finalist #8: Amelia Fulgentes
Finalist #9: Maria Ariana Conechado
Finalist #10: Jerrina Paz
Finalist #11: Danacamile Bautista

Miss Congeniality: Nikki Zulueta
Miss Young Popularity: Richie Ann Soliven
Miss Popularity: Maria Ariana Conechada
Miss Fabuluous Filipina: Tifanny Meihls
Miss Victory Auto Connection: Nikki Zulueta
Miss Philippine Airlines: Amelia Flugentes
Miss Young Photogenic: Lindsay Alicia Berneking
Miss Photogenic: Jessica Sarawasee
Miss Young Best in Swimsuit: Margaux Ugalino
Miss Best in Swimsuit: Chrystelle Volckmann
Miss Young Best in Long Gown: Lexus Lagumbay
Miss Best in Long Gown: Jerrina Paz

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