A Spectacular Display of Parols at Historic Filipinotown

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Historic Filipinotown Parol parade was bigger this 2016 with the participation of 2 high school marching bands .  More than 30 beautiful parols were showcased . Top prize was parol number 12 won by Marissa Pecson of Los Angeles. Her winning entry was chosen first place for its originality with the use of indigenous materials. Second place was the Kalayaan entry number 10 designed and made by Relson Banas. Third place winners were number 11 and number 2.

It was a spectacular display of handmade parol lanterns on the streets of Historic Filipinotown on the night of December 2, a reminiscence of the Christmas tradition in the Philippines. It was  a night to remember for all Filipino Americans that here in our own Filipinotown, Christmas is alive the Filipino way. 15326294_356620628039682_9085220837146979768_o 15252671_1201316983238390_2625211960122635291_o 15271797_1201317199905035_4419408649610048359_o 15259452_1201316936571728_5267019340709554153_o 15289074_1201317506571671_4524139492494788524_o 15289319_1201317166571705_5102334683690299730_o